High Holidays 2023

Dear friends, 

Seat membership is live!

Shnei Ohr Chabad is celebrating 15 years shorlty and BH we have seen our programs grow over these times with Shul services, Jewish festivals, weekly classes and more.

Please help us continue these programs with your kind support via the Shul seat membership. 

We have created an option to pay the lump sum per seat, as well as options for monthly and quarterly payments to make it easier for everyone. Payment will not be made through Trybooking; once we have your preference, we will send you an invoice to be paid as a direct debit arrangement.

(There is a concession option as well.) 

B”H our shul is getting busier and there is limited space available, so please book your seat as soon as possible.

There will be 26 spots available in the men’s section and 16 available in the women’s. 

There will be more chairs for those who choose not to book – ALL WELCOME to our shul!

Please send feedback on these booking options. 

Payments are not tax deductible. 

For details click the button below.

Thank you in advance

Rabbi Menachem and Esther Stern